Emotional states – a brief follow up to yesterday’s post

Yesterday, I wrote a strongly worded post on the silly debate about politicians being able to live on unemployment benefits and how they were avoiding the real issue which revolves around the emotional state of mind and worldview of people who are unemployed. One particular section really stood out:

This fixed, self referentially processed identity tells you over and over again that you will always be a stupid, pathetic, depressing, lazy, worthless, guilty, struggling, lonely, dependent, despondent, unhealthy, unemployed person who will always be on the hamster wheel of despair and anxiety, always rejected by people (this is before you get to thinking about potential employers) regardless of how much effort you give and worst of all: you will never have a future!

Then comes the self blame and the shame for thinking these thoughts, the mental imagery such as the scrapheap of humanity or the adult still at primary school and on it goes. What’s really awful is when an opportunity opens up right in front of you but you fail to seize it because you’re stuck in this constant stream of thinking and when you think about what happened, the emotions intensify.

What I underestimated was the emotional impact writing something like that would have on my state of mind. I felt physically ill after I posted it.

In this post, I want to emphasise the power of emotional states. So many people don’t pay conscious attention to them and they are unaware of all the little things that contribute to how they feel during the day.

Many people think the reason they get unhappy or feel depressed is due to one big thing when in reality it’s a whole series of little things that have happened while they weren’t paying attention which have created a system of emotional feelings. The key to overcoming such a system is by bringing attention to what was in the darkness and being conscious of when you’re going off the rails (far easier said than done).

Take breathing. Most people are unconscious of the process and think it’s a simple thing to do, but when you close your eyes and consciously breath rhythmically in through your nose and out through your mouth, after a certain period of time you begin to feel good for some reason.

This strongly relates to politics. What many people see in the media is a few “big stories” dominating the national conversation when in reality, there are a whole series of little things going on beneath the surface which are having a major impact on what is happening in both the internal and external environments. These little things rarely are seen in the media as they’re far too boring and too complex.

I’ll probably explore this subject in far more detail in the future as it relates to politics. For now, my purpose is to control my emotional state by counteracting the frame I unintentionally placed on it yesterday.


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